Sunday, August 18, 2013

Letter #59- Growing Family

Hello! The most exciting the news of the year! A precious baby was born! :D YAY!

This week I reflected a lot about the Plan that Heavenly Father has established for us... we had an AMAZING investigator to teach until her baptism yesterday... and wow... to see her testimony grow about the Plan of Salvation just made me so grateful to have the gospel in my life. With the passing of a loved one, she really became interested in the Church when her friend, one of the ward members, told her about life after death... and from then on she is on the path to have an eternal family! I LOVE the plan... I LOVE the gospel... I LOVE the Savior... His part in the plan is the key... only through him and by him can ANY of us experience the love of a new born baby, or the peace to know where our loved ones who pass on are... 

Last night we were invited to a speacial family  night that one of the YW in the ward put on... ETERNAL FAMILIES... she had collected a few pictures from each family that was present, including the Sister MIssionaries! and put on a slide show... wow... I KNOW that I can have an eternal family... if I try my best, do my best and rely on the Lord... I too will have an eternal family... and the new addition in our family too! James Derek Roylance! I love you so much!

WOW!!!!!! How great is this feeling! to be an Aunt!!!! Tia Sister Waite! :D :D :D I am so happy! I love James so much!!! Havent even met him, but he is ADORABLE, and SWEET, and just flat out PRECIOUS! Welcome to the world James! You have amazing parents and a family that just LOVES you so much! :D Congratulations Jessica and Derek! I love you and so grateful that everything went smooth!

Have a wonderful week! Happy one week tomorrow James! :D :D :D

Com amor,

Sister Waite

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